Working at Moomers

Working at Moomers


Moomers is a fun place to work, but it is work!!! We have high expectations for all Moomers employees. The following must all continually be met by each employee in order to have a successful business. Please evaluate yourself in all of these areas. If you believe you are able to meet Moomers expectations, please print out the application (linked at the bottom of the page) and return it in person to Moomers Homemade Ice Cream.

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Please take the following expectations into consideration while applying for a job at Moomers


Customer Service

enjoys serving and helping others, enjoys talking to others, friendly, can greet customers promptly and cheerfully, able to chat(when time), joke, etc. with customers, able to have “fun” with little kids, accommodates customers with special requests, complaints, etc.



enjoys communicating with others, shows confidence, able to show assertiveness when necessary, able to use a friendly voice with peers and customers, able to use a loud voice when calling out a finished order



able to walk and move very swiftly as customer volume increases, shows a hustle, able to quickly return to the cashier area to wait for an order, able to finish tasks in a timely manner


Follows Instructions

able to listen and follow simple instructions, written or verbal



able to remember flavor names, identify each ice cream & its ingredients, how to make specific items, specialty sundaes, ice cream cakes, able to remember the order given, locates supplies as needed



dependable, arrive to work on time, know your schedule, and be self-motivated



greet customers, eye contact, genuine, have a positive attitude


Scooping Skill

able to make a small (5 oz.) scoop in one continuous rolling (96% of the ice cream served is Moomers is scooped!)


Team Player

enjoys working with others, enjoys helping others, chat with and enjoy fellow employees


Work Ethic

able to keep constructively busy when there is a “down time”, able to do more than 1 thing at a time, able to work effectively where needed (back room, scooping, cleaning), takes pride in being a Moomers employee

*Please Note – Time off is limited during holiday weeks/weekends, festival weeks/weekends. Nights and weekends are our busiest times. Please consider this when applying to Moomers.

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