Weddings & Catering

Weddings and Catering

Moomers Homemade Ice Cream would like to be a part of your special day! We offer delicious additions/alternatives to traditional wedding cakes and special occasion desserts. These can feature any of our more than 150 flavors or better yet, have the taste experts at Moomers create a unique custom flavor just for your special day.

Catering Consultants: Jon, Becky & Nancy

Call to inquire/reserve 231-941-4122

*Delivery charges apply

4 or 8 Flavor Display Freezer For Rent

Display Freezer for scooping ice cream for rent.  Includes display freezer, delivery* and pick-up, ice cream, cups/spoons, and cones.

100 servings – $450

150 servings – $550

200 servings – $650

200+ servings, please call to inquire

*Reservations required on all freezer rentals to guarantee availability.

*Staff not included (non catered).

Ice Cream Sundae Bar (Catered)

Moomers staff catering your event. Includes your choice of ice creams, six toppings (Ex: hot fudge, caramel, strawberries, nuts, candy pieces, whipped cream & cherries), bowls, spoons, napkins, staff and delivery*.

$7 each

Individual Ice Cream Scoops (Catered)

Moomers staff catering your event.  Scooping cups and cones, and waffle cones*.  Includes choice of ice cream flavors, bowls, spoons, napkins, staff and delivery*

$6 each

Individual single serve cups

 Your choice of pre-scooped singe serve cups.  Choose from any of our flavors or create your own unique custom flavor.

$4 each


Moomers Original “Cow Pies”

Lucious ice cream sandwiched between 2 cookies

$4.50 each

Moomers Ice Cream Bars on a Stick

Your choice of ice cream bars on a stick.

$4.50 each

Moomers Ice Cream in Bulk

Your choice of flavor(s)!
Single Serve cups-$4.00
1/2 gallon(8-10 servings)-$12.95
1.5 gallon tub(25 servings)-$40.00
2.5 gallon box(40 servings)-$50.00
3.0 gallon tub(50 servings)-$60.00
*servings are based on a 5oz portion

Pre-Order only.

* Delivery is within a 10 mile radius of our location. *Per mile is charged for delivery beyond a 10 mile radius. We arrive approximately 30 minutes before the designated serving time.

Catering - For Special Events

Moomers Homemade Ice Cream can help with any special event!  Call us today for more details.


Wedding Receptions

Graduation Parties

Family Reunions

Office Parties

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