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Moomers Milk


Moomers Farm Creamery opened in February 2011 as a way to sell our milk directly from the cow to you. Moomers milk is processed right on the farm in a small creamery. The milk is low-temp. vat pasteurized but not homogenized. By processing that way, more of the good enzymes (that tell your body what to do with the milk) are kept in the milk.

The Plummer family feels that educating people today in the practices and role of the small dairy farm in America is important.

Why Buy
Moomers Milk?


Moomers Milk is Pasteurized, but not Homogenized


Moomers milk has a ‘flavor’ – the way milk should be!


Moomers Milk is Bottled in Plastic – with hopes of consumers recycling the cartons.

Where To Get Moomers Farm Creamery Milk
  • Moomers Homemade Ice Cream
  • Fresh Coast Market
  • Leland Mercantile
  • Maxbauers
  • Oleson's Food Market - Hammond
  • Oleson's Food Market - West (Long Lake)
  • Oryana
  • Toms - Division
  • Toms - Interlochen
Businesses Who Use Moomers Milk
  • Angel Care Child Care
  • Boss Mouse Cheese
  • The Children's House
  • North Peak Brewing Company
  • Sugar 2 Salt
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